Understanding Office Insurance: What It Entails & Why It's Important

Office insurance is a risk package meant for businesses whose operations are confined within the office space; without external attributes such as vehicle fleets, warehouses, transport activities, products in transit, and so forth. As such, office insurance seeks to meet the needs of your office-based business without you having to pick and choose from a long list of general business insurance covers that many not apply to your type of business. With office insurance, you get only the covers that you need for your office space. These covers include the following:

Property cover

Property cover within office insurance protects the contents found within your office(s) from a number of risks such as fire, burglary, vandalism, bad weather, and so on. Unlike general insurance where entire properties are covered, this particular cover only includes your office space and the contents within. These include computers, printers, faxes, telephones, furniture, etc.

Business interruption

A business interruption covers seeks to compensate your business for any missed work opportunities caused by factors such as poor weather, bad road conditions, power outages, plumbing problems, etc. With this cover, any lost business is compensated either fully or to an agreed percentage. Of course, self-inflicted interruptions are not covered.

Income protection

The income protection cover is tailored for business owners themselves. Without you being present at the office, work may not proceed. Clients will not get served and income will therefore not be earned. This cover seeks to compensate you for any income you do not get as a result of being injured or sick. This cover pays you enough to cover your personal costs in order to keep you afloat during this time, until you can get back to work.

Worker compensation

The worker compensation cover is for your employees, if you have any. This cover protects you from having to foot any bills associated with your workers, beside salaries. The cover provides finances should your employees get sick, injured or even wrongly terminated from work. This way, you do not have to create a financial dent in your business account.

Public & employer liability

This cover protects you from having to make payments should clients or workers get injured at your office. It also covers you from any wrongful actions that you or your employees may liable for within the office workspace.

Is your business office-based, e.g. dentistry or law? If so, clinch all your insurance needs in one package; that is office insurance.

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